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look after naturally curly hair with our curly hair routine

how to look after naturally curly hair

If you’ve got curls and coils, this one’s for you. At amika, we understand those gorgeous curls can be pretty high maintenance, but don’t worry, we’ve got you. We’re here to bring you our best curly hair routine and share our top tips on how to care for curly hair. Only good hair days from here!   

tips on how to look after curly hair

When it comes to a curly hair routine, there’s a lot to think about. From always checking product ingredients to ditching the hairbrush, there are many golden rules to follow to get the healthy, bouncy curls you deserve. We’ve broken down our top tips on how to look after curly hair for full, fabulous curls. You’re welcome!  

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1. use sulphate free shampoo

The golden rule of a curly hair routine: avoid sulfates at all costs. Why? Sulfates cleanse the hair and scalp but strip away oils. As curlier hair types tend to be drier (it takes longer for oils to travel down the hair shaft and moisturise strands from root to tip), using sulphates on curly hair can strip away natural oils, leaving hair seriously dry and prone to frizz and breakage.  

Sulfate free shampoos are much gentler on the hair and scalp and cleanse without starving the hair of moisture.  


2. deep condition

It’s no secret that curly hair needs more moisture than other hair types. Using a deep conditioning treatment as part of a weekly routine is one of our key curly hair tips to keep those curls quenched, reduce frizz and boost shine. 

Soulfood nourishing mask is a cool drink of water for thirsty hair. Formulated with jojoba seed oil and sea buckthorn, this ultra-rich, hydrating hair mask is the answer to our curly-haired prayers.  

3. ditch the hairbrush

Step away from the hairbrush. Brushing curly hair ruins curl definition and can cause breakage and (you guessed it) breakage = frizz. Use a wide tooth comb and detangling spray to detangle hair when wet.  

The wizard detangling primer will save your hair (and your sanity) and is an essential addition to your curly hair routine. This super lightweight priming spray helps to hydrate, detangle, and protect hair up to 232° C, preventing breakage and promoting healthy, bouncy curls.  

4. use a curl cream

To help boost moisture and help curl definition, a leave-in treatment will be a key part of your curly hair routine. A top tip on how to maintain curly hair, leave-in curl creams help to hydrate and enhance curls for frizz-free nourished strands.  

Curl corps defining cream is a smoothing, curl control cream that adds bounce and definition to curls, coils, and waves. Formulated with oat peptide, this moisturising cream forms a protective barrier on the hair to seal in moisture and boost shine, while encouraging curl formation for touchable definition.  

before and after of a woman's curly hair after using the glass action hydrating hair oil to remove frizz

5. fight the frizz

For added shine and reduced frizz, glass action hydrating hair oil is the perfect finishing touch in your curly hair routine. This lightweight, nutrient-rich oil smooths frizz and boosts shine, for defined, glossy curls.  

6. beat the heat

If you can’t say goodbye to heat tools, using a heat defense serum may be your saving grace. Blockade heat defense serum smooths and moisturises the hair during heat styling and protects from heat damage up to 232° C. Just a few drops of this lightweight, silky-smooth serum protects your curls from moisture loss, fights frizz and adds a healthy-looking shine.  

– and those are tips on how to look after curly hair! Shop more curly-friendly products to add to your curly hair routine today.  


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