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here’s why you should never skip on conditioner

never skip conditioner

At amika, we wouldn’t dream of skipping on conditioner, and we’re here to explain why you shouldn’t either. In our complete guide to conditioner, we break down what conditioner is, what it does, how to use it, and our best conditioners for different hair types. Keep reading, your hair will thank you.

what is hair conditioner?

Conditioner, for many of us, has become one of those things we just accept into our routines, but what actually is hair conditioner? Conditioners are post-shampoo heroes designed to hydrate, nourish, and improve hair manageability.

There are different kinds of conditioners: your typical post-shampoo conditioners, deep treatments (like hair masks), and leave-in hair conditioners that help to protect those gorgeous strands throughout the day.

never skip conditioner

what does hair conditioner do?

No matter how hydrating your shampoo is, a good wash can leave the hair feeling a little dry, so following up with a conditioner can help put some much-needed moisture into the hair. Where shampoo opens the hair’s cuticle, conditioner helps to seal it. Conditioner locks in nutrients and moisture, while smoothing strands and improving manageability to help prevent damage.  

how to use hair conditioner

There is actually a right and wrong way to apply hair conditioner. After shampooing, before applying your conditioner, be sure to squeeze out excess water from the hair, as too much water will dilute your conditioner and reduce its effectiveness.  

Apply conditioner to the mid lengths and ends of the hair using long, fluid motions (avoid the scalp as it can make your roots look greasy and, let’s face it, that’s never cute). Leave your conditioner on for around two minutes to enjoy its full benefits, then rinse out.  

conditioners for everyone

for dry hair: normcore signature conditioner

The ultimate everyday conditioner and one of our best conditioners for dry hairnormcore moisturises all hair types and helps to keep strands soft, shiny and hydrated. Our vegan formula is enriched with shea butter, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that nourish and soften for your best hair day yet.  

for damaged hair: the kure bond repair conditioner

When it comes to damage control, the kure bond repair conditioner doesn’t mess around. This ultra-moisturising conditioner is enriched with plant butters, avocado oil, and vegan proteins that hydrate and nourish the hair. Our best conditioner for damaged hair, this holy grail product uses bond cure technology to leave hair with 55% less breakage, 2 times stronger and up to 87% repaired.* 

*Compared to control when used with the kure bond repair shampoo, clinically tested. 

Top tip: for the best damage control results, use alongside the rest of the kure collection 

for bleached or coloured hair: vault color lock conditioner

Maintain your killer shade with this creamy, colour-preserving conditioner. Packed with UV filters and antioxidants, vault color lock conditioner keeps your strands vibrant for longer, making it a must- have conditioner for bleached or coloured hair. Soybean oil is our secret weapon. This clever antioxidant protects the hair against shade fade and keeps your colour looking fresh. Our amino acid blend helps keep hair healthy, smoothing the cuticle for improved manageability and elasticity.  

purple conditioner: bust your brass cool blonde repair conditioner

A hero product for blondes, silvers and grays, bust your brass cool blond repair conditioner is one of our best conditioners for bleached hair as it tackles brassy tones and leaves strands visibly brighter. Formulated with bond cure technology, plant butters and quinoa protein, this ultraviolet conditioner is clinically proven to hydrate, strengthen, tone, and repair hair, leaving you with 55% less breakage and 86% more repair.* 

*After 1 use when used with Bust Your Brass Shampoo, clinically tested.  

Top tip: for best results, use alongside the rest of the bust your brass range.  

leave in hair conditioner: the closer instant repair hair cream

We couldn’t give you the 411 on conditioner without mentioning the closer instant repair hair cream. Though not a traditional, post-shampoo conditioner, this leave in hair conditioner /styling treatment hybrid is super lightweight, banishes frizz and is clinically proven to instantly seal 96% of split ends. Applying a 20p sized amount to the mid-lengths and ends (on damp or dry hair) can help give you that polished, salon-worthy look.  


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