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how to get smooth sleek hair

Wondering how to make your hair silky smooth? Styling with hot tools, using the wrong products, and regularly colouring your hair can often leave it feeling dull, dry, and frizzy – making your silky hair dreams appear out of reach.

we’re here to turn your hair dreams into a reality. Here are our tips and tricks to transform tired and tangled hair into a soft, frizz-free mane.

tips on how to get silky smooth hair

Now for the news you’ve been waiting for. There are plenty of ways to help your dry, frizzy hair and give it the smooth shine you’ve been dreaming of—check out our silkiest tips and tricks.

1. shower with velveteen

Smooth hair starts in the shower! Gently cleanse your way to your silkiest mane yet with the velveteen dream smoothing shampoo. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, our best shampoo for a silky, frizz-free finish promotes hair’s resilience, smooths, and conditions.

Pair with the velveteen dream smoothing conditioner to tame frizz into submission and lock in moisture. This dreamy formula preps dry hair for styling. Humidity won’t stand a chance after washing with this ultimate duo..

2. use a nourishing hair mask

Just like your skincare routine, your haircare products should include a good quality conditioning mask.

Use amika’s soulfood nourishing mask as a weekly treatment to provide superior hydration that leaves hair, soft, and shiny for days. This ultra-luxurious mask is rich and creamy, but never weighs hair down.

3. turn the temperature down

We all enjoy a steaming hot shower, but it’s not the best choice when it comes to maintaining soft and silky hair. Rinsing with hot water can strip the hair of its natural oils and encourage the cuticle to become unruly and frizzy. Switching to a cooler rinse helps to smooth the cuticle down and keep your hair moisturised.

4. be careful when towel drying

Once you’re out of the shower, you’re probably used to rubbing your hair dry with a bath towel. This actually creates friction and fluffs up the hair cuticle, causing knots and breakage. Switch out your old towel for a smoother microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt to rough dry your hair. And instead of rubbing back and forth, gently scrunch and squeeze all the water out.

5. don’t brush wet hair with a regular brush

Hair is most fragile when wet, making it vulnerable to snapping, split ends, and damage. Brushing can overstretch, over-pull, and ultimately tear your hair. Try using a wide-tooth comb or a brush designed for use on wet hair to help work through the knots and minimise damage.

PSA: If you struggle with tangles in your hair, try the wizard detangling primer. It detangles and smooths strands for a lustrous mane (and it even helps cut down on blow drying time!).

6. apply a leave-in hair repair treatment

Make amends with your split ends with the closer instant repair hair cream. This lightweight, 2-in-1 leave-in treatment and styling cream works to instantly seal up to 96% of split ends while softening, smoothing, and banishing frizz.*

Apply a small amount to damp or dry hair, from mid-lengths to ends, prior to any additional styling products.  Always apply a heat protectant after use and before heat styling to prevent further damage.

*Clinically tested to seal split ends

7.  protect your shine

If you’re planning to use heat, be sure to use protection. Styling tools are a first-class ticket to heat damage when used without extra TLC. With our lightweight blockade defense serum, you can shield against damage caused by heat styling up to 450° f/ 230°c. Just a few drops help to prevent against moisture loss, banish frizz, and add a healthy-looking shine.

8. smooth blowout

Using a blow dryer brush can help you recreate a smooth salon blowout at home.

The smoothest operator in the game, our double agent 2-in-1 blow dryer + straightening brush transforms hair from just washed and damp, to dry and sleek all in one tool. It combines the ease of a straightening brush with the efficiency of a blow dryer and is clinically proven to result in a long-lasting sleek and shiny blowout.

9.  hair oil = your new bff

Give your strands a final dose of silky, smooth shine by finishing with a hair oil.

The perfect finishing touch to seal in that shine, glass action hydrating hair oil  is the sleek hair product of dreams. This multi-talented, nutrient-rich oil treatment conditions the hair and restores shine while banishing frizz for silky smooth hair.

– and that’s our top tips on how to get silky hair. Shop our best products for smooth sleek hair today to achieve your softest mane yet.

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