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offsetting carbon
emissions 🌞

by offsetting our carbon emissions, we are now certified by Climate Neutral.

reducing emissions

cutting down on our emissions

we are partnering with Tribal Renewable Energy Fund to decrease emissions.

Tribal Renewable Energy Fund supports a variety of energy related projects on tribal lands. we are specifically teaming up with the Blackfeet Nation Community Solar Project to help offset an estimated 223,530 kWh/year, which will save 34% of energy!

photo of solar panels
net zero 2030

how are we reducing carbon emissions?

reducing carbon emissions take both time and company wide execution. in 2020 we balanced our emissions, in 2021 we became certified* Carbon Neutral, and by 2030 we aim to be Net Zero. To achieve Net Zero, we are taking a holistic approach.of course, there's no one size fits all in reducing carbon emissions. some actionable ways we are reducing emissions are:

  • beginning 2022, we re-worked our packaging up to 90% PCR plastics. communicating with our suppliers on environmentally preferred best practices.
  • installing solar panels on the roof of our Warehouse, and Energy Star Certifying it.
  • banning air shipments as a method of transportation for goods.
  • create new innovative designs to promote circularity.

*certified by Climate Neutral.

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